About Me

OK, so I’m not quite a software engineer any more. I haven’t written a line of code in quite a while, apart from in my spare time. You can probably tell by how WordPressy this site is.

I look after a team of software engineers that write desktop, mobile, web and cloud solutions for a B2B technology company in Teesside, a fantastic region both to live and for working in the digital sector. I come from a software development background, mainly working with B2B customers and clients in the oil & gas industry. I mainly get involved with strategy, process improvement, digital transformation and project management, working with a cracking cross-functional team that build innovative products and solutions. You can find my rather more formal bio on my LinkedIn profile here.

What I’m passionate about…

…at work

  • Agile methodologies and Scrum
  • People building and empowerment
  • Learning from colleagues
  • Making users happy and user experience
  • Self improvement

…at home

  • Keeping active
  • Family
  • Beer (I have an app and everything)
  • Reading books on self improvement
  • Beer

Books that changed the way I think (in no particular order)…