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This picture was taken of Stockton Riverside by a rather pleasant human called Andy. He works in the software industry as do many other creative humans. The users they write software for are also complex but pleasant humans. They happen to know about technology and processes that will make those humans happy.

What is an oranjutanj house?

It is a place where oranjutanjs live.

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  • Why emotional intelligence is increasingly required in software development
    TLDR; Because AI can’t automate human emotion (yet).Read time ~ 7 minutes “emotional intelligence—the ability to, for instance, understand your effect on others and manage yourself accordingly—accounts for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder when IQ […]
  • The balance of people and product
    TLDR; favour people. So a combination of finishing my new favourite book “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek, a change in career and some pretty heavy family events has led me to reflect a lot on this question.  To clarify, […]
  • A call to action for software companies – talk to each other!
    “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly” Agile Principles So states the agile principle, but considering we’re all supposed to be finding new ways of improving, it sure […]

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